Quantum Field Theory Part I

Fall 2023: PHYS 662

Tue-Thu 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm on Zoom. The videos of the lectures are on posted YouYube here. If you have signed up for the course, or planning to sign up please send me an email so that I can invite you to the SLACK channel.

Prerequisites: Advanced Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics.

Course Description: In this course, we will mostly follow Weinberg’s “Quantum Theory of Fields, Volume 1”

However, in some lectures, we will use parts of other textbooks and resources:

“An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory” Peskin and Schroeder

“Quantum Field Theory” Mark Srednicki

David Tong’s lectures on Quantum Field Theory

McGreevy’s lecture notes on Particles and Fields

Mathematical Theory of Quantum Fields” Huzihiro Araki

We will use the application Slack to post course announcements, and reports, discuss ideas and share interesting papers we have come across. If you are planning to attend the class please send me an email and I will add you to the course channel on Slack. All lectures are going to be recorded and posted on YouTube.


The students should read the relevant section of the lecture notes before coming to class and submit two questions on Slack. Every lecture will have homework problems that will be assigned in class and have to be submitted on Slack up to a week after the lecture.


Click on the lecture to download the lecture note. The syllabus is subject to change as the course progresses.

1) Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

  • Lecture 1:
  • Lecture 2:
  • Lecture 3:

2) Scattering Theory

  • Lecture 4:
  • Lecture 5:

3) Cluster Decomposition Principle

  • Lecture 6:
  • Lecture 7:

4) Quantum Fields and Anti-Particles

  • Lecture 8:
  • Lecture 9:

5) Feynman Rules

  • Lecture 10:
  • Lecture 11:

6) The Canonical Formalism

  • Lecture 12:
  • Lecture 13:
  • Lecture 14:

7) Quantum Electrodynamics

  • Lecture 15:
  • Lecture 16:

8) Path-integral Methods

  • Lecture 17:
  • Lecture 18:
  • Lecture 19:

9) Non-Perturbative Methods

  • Lecture 20:
  • Lecture 21:

10) One-Loop Renormalization in QED

  • Lecture 22:
  • Lecture 23:

11) General Renormalization Theory

  • Lecture 24:
  • Lecture 25:
  • Lecture 26:

12) Infrared Effects

  • Lecture 27:

13) Observable algebras of QFT

  • Lecture 28:
  • Lecture 29:
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