Seminars Fall 2019

Fall 2019:

It is open to all interested students and researchers in Physics and Mathematics. If you are a mathematician with a background in operator algebra we would greatly benefit from your participation.

Quantum Gravity and Information Virtual Seminars

The virtual seminars hosted by Strings/holography groups at Potsdam and the University of Amsterdam. We meet in the following dates at 9 AM local time at the conference room PHYS 279 to join in:

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020:

  • Nov 6: Eva Silverstein
  • Dec 4: Tadashi Takayanagi
  • Jan 29: Douglas Stanford

Particle Physics Seminars

Weakly particle physics seminar joint with experimentalist, Tuesdays at 3:30 pm at PHYS 242. The schedule of fall 2019:

High Energy/ AMO Joint Journal Club:

We meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 10 am in Room 350 in Physics and Astronomy for our journal club on the intersection of condensed matter and high energy ideas from theory to experiment. They are organized by Martin Kruczenski.

Fall 2019:

  • Sep 3: Alex Ma “Superconducting circuit QED and quantum simulations”
  • Sep 17:  Chen-Lung “Latest experimental results on a uniform 2D superfluid quenched to negative interaction”
  • Oct 1: Uday Sood “Quantum complexity and entanglement entropy in QFT and O(2) model”
  • Oct 15: Uday Sood  “Circuit complexity in Bose-Hubbard model including the O(2) critical point”

Mathematical Physics Seminar Series

These meetings are organized by Birgit Kaufman on topics that are at the intersection of mathematics and physics.

Fall 2019:

  • Oct 14: Martin Kruczenski “S-matrix bootstrap, particle scattering from a convex optimization problem”
  • Nov 11: Shawn Cui “Kitaev’s quantum double model as error-correcting code”.

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